Past Events

Past Regional Events:

  • 10/17 – Lexington, VA: Europe’s Refugee Crisis as a Crisis for German Justice: A Talk by Judge Franziska Hoette. (Washington & Lee University, Lewis Hall, Classroom B, 4:00-6:00 p.m.)
  • 10/24 – San Francisco, CA: Transatlantic Cyber Policy Post-Snowden with Dr. Stefan Heumann (Register here.)
  • 10/27 – Austin, TX: The German Texas Language (Easy Tiger Beer Garden)
  • 11/3 – Berlin, DE: Discuss, Debate, Decide: Election 2016 (Hertie School of Governance)
  • 11/4 – San Francisco, CA: Transatlantic Refugee Resettlement Network (TRRN) – Round Table Conference. (More details and registration here.)
  • 11/22 – San Francisco, CA: Night at the Berliner Philharmonie (Details coming soon!)

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