Apply for Project Funding in 2017

Apply for Project Funding in 2017

To encourage the alumni in their role as important bridge builders in transatlantic relations and to strengthen the cross-sectoral networking among the alumni, the Robert Bosch Stiftung supports the RBFAA members and their involvement in (more) transatlantic projects and events. For this purpose, the Stiftung has made an additional project funds budget of 100,000 € available for the RBFAA members in 2017.

The main guidelines for requesting funding are as follows:

  • There is no maximum allocation for grant requests. Since we would like to give as many alumni as possible the chance to receive project funding, the budget for individual projects should not exceed 20,000 €. The Stiftung will decide about the grant sum based on the individual proposal; it is also possible to apply for partial funding. The grant proposals will be reviewed on a “first come first served” basis.
  • The project proposals will first be reviewed and evaluated by the RBFAA coordinator, and are then discussed with the Robert Bosch Stiftung.
  • The projects have to incorporate transatlantic or European/German-American content.
  • The projects should be open to the participation of other RBFAA members.
  • Some sample projects that would be worthy of funding are: conferences, round tables, panel discussions, publications, study tours, and research studies, etc. Funding cannot be provided for individual projects such as research stays or conference participation.
  • The projects have to have a non-profit purpose.
  • All alumni of the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program are eligible to apply for funding. However, it is crucial that they have the support of a non-profit corporate body (e.g. an association, a university). According to German law, the Stiftung cannot grant funds to individuals.
  • Your application should include:
    • A summary of the project idea (approach, goals, timeline, outcomes, evaluation criteria, possible project partners)
    • Budget plan with detailed calculations
    • Contact details alumnus/alumna
    • Contact details backing institution
    • Bylaws and mission statement of the backing institution
  • Applications can be submitted throughout the year. The deadline to apply for funding in 2017 is November 17.

We are looking forward to your project ideas!

Please contact  for further information.

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